Join the REFILLUTION and start to refill your plastic bottles at our Refill Station. Plastic bottles can be used more than 50 times, that’s a shed load of plastic savings. You can refill Washing Up Liquids, Laundry Liquid and Fabric Softener.

You can use you own bottle or purchase one at the shop, Just refill, take to the counter to be weighed and pay. It’s that easy and cheaper refill too!!

Only £35.00

New in Store – Beeswax Wraps

Alternative to Cling Film and Aluminium

Beeswax Wraps are handmade in the Cotswold using local beeswax, organic certified cotton (in super funky patterns), pine resin, organic jojoba oil.

Why use Beeswax Wraps – 100% natural, keeps your food super fresh for longer,

clingy but in a good way, reusable for up to a year, fully compostable.

Just use the heat of you hand to mold……