Christmas Card Delivery Service!

This Christmas, the Sarratt Cub Pack will again be offering to deliver Christmas cards for the residents of Sarratt as part of their Community Activity Badge.

The Cubs will use their meeting on Thursday 12 December to deliver the cards, which they will be doing on foot in small groups accompanied by an adult. As such they will only be able to deliver cards within easy walking distance of Sarratt Village Hall.

We will be placing a special postbox in the Village Shop. If you would like to make use of this service and help the Cubs gain one of their key badges, please post your Christmas Cards in this postbox  by Monday 9 December, ready for the Cubs to deliver them on Thursday 12th.

The Cubs will not charge for this service, but if anyone would like to make a purely voluntary donation to the Cubs for delivering their Christmas cards, then please enclose this in an envelope marked 1st Sarratt Scout Group and put it in the letterbox along with your cards.

A box will also be available in the Village Hall at the Sarratt Care November and December lunches.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Dobson, Cub Scout Leader, at