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Holy Cross Churchyard Firm Paths Project - Update

AS SPOTLIGHT READERS MAY RECALL, the churchwardens and parochial church council of Holy Cross have being working for many months on a scheme to improve the existing paths around Sarratt Parish Church and for making new paths leading to the newer part of the churchyard and Church Lane.

These firm paths of bonded gravel will make it easier and safer for visitors, especially wheelchair users, to have access to the churchyard. Detailed plans are now with Three Rivers District Council for approval and are being considered by the St Albans Diocese. One of the new paths will affect the foot of three graves in particular and permission is being sought from the Diocese to adjust the edging stones to these graves in the following ways:

1) Frederick White memorial. Remove kerbs and post from concrete foundation and re-level the ground.
2) Emily and George Payne memorial. Cut back the kerbs to approx. 300mm in front of the head block. Remove the foot block and re-fix it in front of the head block and between cut back kerbs.
3) William and Sarah Barnes memorial. Remove kerb and posts from the concrete foundation and re-level the ground.

These actions will enable the proposed path to be the required width of 1.2m throughout its length. In all three cases, the headstones will remain in place. If any member of families concerned would like to discuss these adjustments, they are invited to contact John Guy 267549, David Clough 264884 or Colin Plummer 263123