Holy Cross Sarratt Flower Festival 2014

Saturday 28th June to Monday 30th June
A celebration in flowers of
"It's a Wonderful World"

Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis
Outside garden - created by 1st Sarratt Scout Group

Trees of green
Red roses too

Wine - I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food

Between the pages of a BOOK is a wonderful place to be
Wonderful world's lyrics

Bright blessed day

Wonderful world of children

If music be the food of love  - play on

Sarratt Church of England School

Winter wonderland

English garden

The kiss - VJ Day

Where'er you walk



Sunshine and Showers

Genesis chapter 8 verse 11

The Arch - The colours of the rainbow
The Arch - The colours of the rainbow

Creation of the world
Day and night

Adam and Eve

Friends shaking hands
When you drink the water, remember the Spring
Man's best friend
I hear babies cry
Skies of blue, clouds of white
Breakfast in bed