The old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
Not a bad comment for this year.

As far as garden work goes, this is the month when practically anything can be sown outside that is of a hardy nature, perhaps wait till the end of April for lettuce, although I have seen lettuce seed germinate on a block of ice!  Keep sowing a succession of veg, a tiny pinch of seed every 3 weeks or so is fine.

Normally one can buy plug plants and seed from all major growers, but even by late March, the well-known seed merchants cannot cope with orders and have in some cases switched off the phones for a while …. gardening was supposed to be a poor patient!
If you can contact neighbours by phone, email, semaphore and bulk order, leave the supplies in a convenient place for them to pick up, but not all at once.

Try  W. Robinson & son a really great company that wins gold at Chelsea every year, exceptional quality.  Even if you do not buy anything, visit the site and click on the growing hints window, simply full of practical help!

So, sow as much vegetables as possible and easy annuals for the wild life.

By the way, it is a win win year.  If you like a wild unkempt garden, great for wild life, you have the perfect excuse and if you never leave a blade of grass out of line, likewise, all the time you need….

On cold rainy (or snowy) days ramp up the computer and type in Mr Smith’s Garden  (UTUBE as well).  You will find 8 different subjects, veg, greenhouse, flowers, etc. when scrolling through the lists,  Mr Smith, real person, made these programmes for BBC gardening long before the current presenters.  It’s down to earth gardening, easy practical hints no messing around.  There is also a book of the same name, I think long out of print but no doubt available on the web.

Do look, even if you do not garden much.

Good gardening!

from Greenish fingers.