Barnaby Jackson - Professional Fine Artist

Contact:  Barnaby Jackson
Address:    'The Studio', No.1 Church End Cottages, Church Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6HE
Telephone: 07973 143 088
Originally from Chorleywood, Barnaby made his artistic debut in 1981 aged 15 when he won a national art competition through The Sunday Times Magazine with his version of their theme ‘My View of America’.
These days Barnaby is a dedicated professional fine artist living in Sarratt.

This pastel landscape drawing I made after the recent storms had torn huge boughs and branches off these enormous trees and created a very dramatic & challenging landscape. I saw this view off of the popular footpath below Goldingtons anew because of these dramatic changes and felt I had to capture it.
My drawing was started on location around midday. Finishing it off at home later gave me the freedom to play with hues and find a balance in the palette. My asking price when framed is £450. If sold I'm contributing 20% of the total to The Jonny Rhythm Foundation who support of an orphanage in Uganda. Their bio-digester renewable energy project is providing a regular gas source for cooking whilst protecting many trees from felling for firewood. It's a vital and inspiring project.