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Website: www.mikejoseph.biz

Electrician and all round pleasant person.
Wireless lighting a speciality for difficult locations.
          Elecsa member 30604

          Domestic (registered for "Part P")

          City and Guilds trained
Please visit my website for articles such as "So you think your house is safe?" and the "Landlords' Guide to Electrical Safety" and also for more Case Studies.

Case Study - Emergency Lighting, Christ Church, North Watford

Emergency lighting was required to illuminate the emergency escape passageway along the north side of the church.
The lighting had to be capable of being switched on when needed, (for services and other events in dark evenings).
A maintained* system was installed.
 * maintained lighting - can be switched on/off, but in the event of a power failure will illuminate non-maintained lighting - unit is off (ie not switchable), but in the event of a power failure will illuminate.