The Grey Knights

The Grey Knights
are a small group of Sarratt villagers who manage and maintain a lovely 1932 Bedford WLB single deck bus. 
The bus is owned by a former villager, Dennis Jenks, who is known as the White Knight for all the fund raising he did on behalf of village organisations.
Membership of the Grey Knights is open to all and costs £25 pa which goes towards the cost of maintaining the bus. 
Sarratt Village organisations are welcome to use the bus for outings or fund raising given that it and a driver are available. 
Contact John Roe on 01923 260755 or

Some details of Jenks’ Bus HB4060
1932 Bedford WLB Type with a Davis 20 seat coach body

6 cylinder 3177cc petrol engine giving 64hp at 2800rpm

Transmission via a 4 speed crash gearbox to a rear axle bevel drive

Rod operated brakes via a Dewandre Vacuum Servo unit

1,892 built with only 9 known survivors of which only one other has been restored

New to Williams of Blania it was originally used to transport Welsh miners and school children as well as taking holiday makers as far afield as Scotland

Retired in 1952 and used as a storeroom until being restored in the 1970s

Bought by the current owner, Dennis Jenks, in 1989 and used for the benefit of local (Sarratt) organisations