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Sarratt WI - Walk Number Eight

Old Forge - Dellfield - Commonwood - Bucks Hill - Jeffreys Farm - Quickmoor Lane - Playing Field.
The first part is through the village of Sarratt and its long green, then through the fields towards Chipperfield.        Approximately 3 and a half miles.


With your back to the Village Hall, turn left and walk up along the Green through the village.  Half mile further on take the footpath on your right just before the Old Forge, signposted Commonwood, a tarmac drive to start with which then becomes narrower.  

 Cross the stile, keep the hedge on your left, cross another two stiles to emerge onto Plough Lane.

Go right along the road, cross the grass triagle in front of Dellfield House (pictured left) and take the footpath, parallel with the bridlepath, uphill towards Bucks Hill.

At Commonwood car park, go left along the road, past the impressive Commonwood House (pictured below), which was actually build between 1913 and 1932.

Cross to the footpath on your right, marked Bucks Hill. 

Keeping to the left, walk forward to the edge of the wood where you cross a stile into a field. 

Walk uphill straight ahead and then half-left diagonally across this lovely meadow, alive with wild flowers, bees and butterflies.
Cross the  stile beside a gate and 20 yards further on, the path turns left, past "Trackside" and "Orchard Bungalow" to the Bucks Hill road.  Turn right, past the traditional phone box and walk carefully along this rather busy road for 220 yards to a footpath on your left, immediately after "Griffinhurst" with its lovely sundial. (It used to be The Rose and Crown Public House.)
Walk along by the hedge (bindweed is so beautiful when it grows where it ought to) then go through the hedge and walk forward on the other side of the same hedge.  Go left round the corner at the end of the hedge and take a very narrow diagonal path through a huge field. 
Go through another hedge and take another diagonal path to Jeffreys Farm then along a short grassy path bordering a new copse on the left, onto a drive.
Turn left here and walk to Bucks Hill Road.  Turn left along the road for 50 yards to Qulckmoor Lane on your right. 

Proceed along Quickmoor Lane to The Cart and Horses (pictured left) where you turn left along the road to Commonwood. Yes, you've been here before!
Where the road forks, take the footpath on the left signposted Bucks Hill into the wood. 

Walk forward until you are 25 yards from the edge of the common at a large oak.  Turn right onto the Commonwood circular path, which wanders through the wood, keeping left where you have a choice of paths.  When the woodland path emerges, go left to the bottom of the road, then left again and, almost immediately, right over a stile.
Keeping the fence on your left walk uphill to some steps and an awkward stile, straight ahead towards the tennis courts, where you ignore the kissing gate on your right a walk forward alongside the tennis courts and car park. 
Continue straight ahead along George V Way to the main droad and the Village Hall is opposite you.