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Sarratt WI - Walk Number Four

Sandfield Wood - Dawes Lane - The Boot - Old Cottages - Newhall Farm Drive - Dimmocks Lane
A gentle easy walk through the fields surrounding the village with no hills and few stiles.   3 miles.
With your back to the Village Hall go past The Cricketers and the duckpond and take the path on your left signposted Church End.
Cross a stile into a grazing field and then two more stiles into a copse.
These fields are shared by cows and often become impassibly muddy in winter.
Note the carved gatepost at the end of this path - carver by Revd Edward Ryley, Rector of Holy Cross Church from 1859 to 1912. His memory is very much alive in the village as his son started the Sarratt Scrapbook, an invaluable record of village events, in his memory. The Scrapbook is now treasured by the Sarratt Local History Society.

Turn right along the Old Rectory Drive and go through the kissing gate into Sandfield Wood.

This is a lovely beech and bluebell wood at its best in April.
100 yds along go through another gate and then to a fork in the path. 

Either path will take you to Dawes Lane, where you turn right.

You will pass the old Providence Mission Hall on your right.
Founded by George William Willbee in 1881 and originally called the "Trowel and Sword Mission".
It has recently been converted into a private dwelling.


Until the late 60's an imposing three storey emporium stood at the corner of Dawes Lane.

It comprised a drapery, bakery and grocery and was surmounted by a fine clock, commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.
Cross the road ahead and the Green towards The Boot and take the narrow path to the right of the pub. 
Go through the kissing gate and take a diagonal through 3 fields to the playing field, where you walk forward, through another kissing gate and along a narrow path, bounded by a very old hedge, to a stile at Old Cottages, leading to Deadmans Ash Lane.
Turn left along the road for 60 yards, then turn right at "Highfield" to Newhall Farm, signposted Bucks Hill.
At the farm, turn right along a wide farm track for about 500 yards. Then take the path on your right through the middle of a wide open arable field.  This comes out at the corner of Deadmans Ash Lane and Dimmocks Lane.
Cross the road and walk to your right along Dimmocks Lane to the crossroads. 

Go left down Church Lane, past Greenend Farm, which is reputed to be haunted.
It is said that troops were billeted here during the Civil War and it has a ghost. Many residents have reported seeing not a Roundhead or Cavalier, but a lady in a lilac dress. 
According to a legend, a girl's dress caught fire as she sat warming herself; she jumped in a nearby pond to put out the flames and drowned!

The Village Hall is on your right.