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Sarratt WI - Walk Number Nine

Dawes Lane - The Chess - Mountwood Farm - Chenies - Sarratt Bottom.    About 5 miles.
A river walk to Chenies with some small hills giving wonderful views
From the Village Hall go left, past The Cricketers, pond, shop, houses and Alexandra Road.  Turn left down Dawes Lane, and, just as the road bends right, take the footpath on your left through the kissing gate into Sandfield Wood.  Follow the path through two more kissing gates and out of the wood. 

Walk along the drive with the Old Rectory on your right, then turn right through a kissing gate cum stile.

Go left along by the copse, then take a diagonal through this field towards Holy Cross Church.  Don't cross the stile into the churchyard, but turn right along the holly hedge (unless you would like to visit this interesting 12th century Church).
After crossing the next stile, go left down a very steep hill towards the river.


At the bottom, cross the stile and a few yards further on, go through the kissing gate on your left.
Immediately turn right, cross the concrete bridge over the Chess and walk forward across the 'moor', over another foot-bridge ahead, veer right over another stile and walk left uphill towards Chenies, diagonally through the field. 

At the hedge go left and at the corner of the field turn right to the stile beside a gate leading to Mountwood Farm. 
After passing the farmhouse follow the metalled drive, through a gate and straight ahead until you see a footpath on your right at a gateway.

(The path opposite leads to the Red Lion, if you're thirsty). 

Cross the stile and walk along by the hedge to emerge on Holloway Lane.
Turn left towards Chenies Village, a classic example of a feudal or 'close' village - note the Bedford 'B' on many of the Victorian cottages.
At the main road cross carefully, walk right for 10 yards, then take the raised footpath going downhill, parallel with the road. 

At the end of the path, walk forward on the road to the junction (about 30 yards) where you turn right towards the river. 

Cross the river at Dodds Mill (it has a working water wheel generating electricity) and follow the road past Mill Farm.

The farmhouse, dated 1847, is a fine example of a 'Bedford' house built by the Duke of Bedford,. (who owned the village of Chenies) for his tenants.
80 yards along the road, take the footpath on your right roughly patrallel with the river.  Evidence of the traditional ridge and furrow system of custivation can be seen along here, especially when it has a light coveriong of snow.  After 3 more stiles you are in Limeshill Wood. 

Frogmore Meadow, a Herts and Middlesex Nature Reserve and a site of Special Scientific Interest lies between the wood and the river.
Coming out of the wood, turn right along the edge of the field. 

Two stiles further along you reach Valley Farm (pictured right). 

Ignore the ford and bridge on your right and walk along the concrete road to Sarrat Bottom. 

The watercress beds on your right are the only watercress beds on the Chess still in commercial production.

The house on the corner used to be The Cart and Horses Pub, closed in 1924. 

Turn right along the lane for 200 yards, then left up Dawes Lane past Cakebread Cottage.

400 yards along, take the path on your left into Dawes Common (pictured below) and continue forward uphill. 
When you reach the crossing path, go straight on to the stile into a grazing field. 
Walk straight ahead and then, with the hedge on your right, walk to the stile leading to a stony drive and the Village Green.
Turn right along the Green to get back to the Village Hall.