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Sarratt WI - Walk Number Six

Sanfield Wood - Dawes Common - Rosehall - Valley Farm - Dawes Lane

A walk of about 4 miles along ancient tracks for lovers of woods and their flora.

From the Village Hall, walk left past the pond and take the footpath on your left signposted Church End.

Cross a stile into a field of cows, which can be very muddy. Along bythe hedge, over two more stilers into a small copse, where you may see some muntjac deer, including a three-legged one which has survived for some years now. (four legged one pictured right)
 At the end of this narrow path, go right along Old Rectory Drive and through a kissing gate.
With the beech hedge on your left go through another kissing gate into Sandfield Wood; where the path forks, take the right path to Dawes Lane.
Cross the road, go slightly left to Dawes Common car park and walk forward through the common to a kissing gate.
Go straight ahead along a tunnel of giant conifers (pictured left), through a squeeze stile.
On your right is a memorial seat to Les Dolamore, late husband of Anne, who led the W.I. walks for many years.
Go through two more squeeze stiles onto Moor Lane, which you cross and over an awkward stile into a field.
The path goes diagonally across this fieldand at the far corner cross a stile, a farm drive (often muddied by cows) and another stile.
Go slightly half-right across this field to another stile, then along the fence to another stile onto Rosehall Farm drive, where you turn left.
At the Farm, leave all the farm buildings on your right, take the left fork and then left again.
This path goes down through Hanginglane Wood, a very old wood, with a wealth of wildflowers, including the pretty pink coralroot bittercress, a rare plant nationally, only found in the Weald of Kent and the area between High Wycombe and Watford.
As you come out of the wood, cross two stiles and along a narrow path to Valley Farm, which you leave on your right.
Go left towards the river.
Pause to look at the Splash - a ford which was used in the past by carts from Chenies. 
This is a good place for seeing the beautiful kingfisher, who often nests nearby.
The Splash pictured below with the view downstream. 
Look at the clarity of the water and rich weed growth.
Do not cross the river but go left along the concrete road to Sarratt Bottom, where you turn right.
About 200 yards along at Cakebread Cottage go left up Dawes Lane for about 400 yards, then take the path on your left uphill through Dawes Common and join the lane again at the car park.
Go left along Dawes Lane, past some houses and the old Mission Hall, now a private house, on your right, to The Green.
Turn right to get back to the Village Hall.