Everyone smiles when they see Jenks bus. Whether you are a passenger or bystander, the sight of Jenks sedately driving along gets everyone’s attention, and many happy grins.

As the engine revs up, it creates a throaty sound, one that modern vehicles can’t match. After a crunch or two – off you go – albeit slowly! That is the appeal of Jenks.

When you arrive, you really arrive. As Jenks pulls into the parking area – it gets everyone’s attention – what an entrance!!

Seeing this beautiful vehicle from a bygone era brings out the best in everyone.

So if you have a big event coming up, maybe a big birthday or anniversary or wedding, why not invite Jenks and add something really special and fun to the occasion.

If you are thinking of taking a group of friends or family or your club/group out for the day or evening (not too far!) please give the Grey Knights a thought  – just a quick call or email to me will do the trick!

Alan Milsom: 01923 262991 – email: