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  • Contact: Glynn Humphreys

    Fax: 01923 250608

    Our founder, William Henry Humphreys, commenced business and W H Humphreys was formed, later to become W H Humphreys & Son Ltd, with core activities being specialist transport, international locations and warehouse development.

    The company was (and remains) wholly family owned with the family members directing everyday business.

    Secure Document Storage and Records Management from Humphreys Plus

    Document Storage: Our Document Storage Programme provides you with a range of secure document storage services designed to free up space in your office and reduce the cost and risk of storing documents at your premises.

    Secure Shredding: Our Secure Shredding service allows you to securely dispose of confidential documents which are no longer needed.

    Digital Services: Our Digital Services include scanning services, electronic document management and email archiving. Documents can often be scanned on your premises if required.

    Secure Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
    We can securely dispose of your unwanted computer equipment

    Our clients include hospitals, law firms, banks, accountants, insurance companies, architects, charities and leading commercial enterprises, which means that we have a broad depth of expertise dealing with some of the most demanding requirements for offsite document storage.Please visit our website as it is designed to provide you with more information about all our services, but if you would rather talk to a person, just call us on 01923 256475.

    Customer Service
    At Humphreys, we aim to provide the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction. We have retained 95% of our clients over the last 20 years. To learn more about our customer service and see real-world examples of how we have helped clients with their document storage requirements click here.

    Free Onsite Assessment
    We are always ready to provide information, advice and assistance with all your document storage and records management needs, to give you the information you need to make the right choices for your organisation.

    Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation and onsite assessment.