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  • If you see anything suspicious or you are concerned about anti-social behaviour, it is important that you ring the new non-emergency number which is 101
    If you see a crime being committed Dial 999
    Contact: Gareth Williams -Watch Liaison Officer, Neighbourhood Watch
    PLEASE if you notice a suspicious incident like this then simply dial 101 from a landline or mobile phone. Officers at the station do have days off and might not receive that email or answerphone message until a couple of days later, which is too late to investigate or attend the suspicious incident. The incident may turn out to be non-suspicious but unless we are able to challenge any potential offender at that time then we cannot prevent or deter a possible crime occurring.
    101 IS A NON EMERGENCY number that has specially been set up to report any suspicious incident.  Residents are encouraged to do this as your call will go to through to a 24 hour call handler who then will be able to despatch the nearest officer in the locality to attend. There are no dedicated officers at police stations who sit at their desk to answer phone calls.
    It is vital that residents use 101 to report a live incident. We do take a proactive approach to policing in your area and would rather catch a criminal or challenge someone at the time than have a crime reported to us later that we could have prevented.