Like all the other groups in Sarratt and elsewhere the new Sustainability Sarratt group has had to cease its meetings. However we have not gone into total hibernation.  It is planned to continue by email and Zoom meanwhile members are providing some really interesting  items.

For example we have learnt,

  1. How much electricity is currently being generated in the UK by renewables with the added advantage that no coal or oil is currently being used. That is real progress.
  2. Batteries in electric cars and vans can be reused in the home when they are no longer able to power cars and vans
  3. New ways of farming using our waste – really important as we currently have to import a lot of our food .

We need to join together with other groups and put pressure on local and national government to protect the climate.
The recent reports of sewage in our local river is totally unacceptable and we need to put as much political pressure on the culprits as we can.  There are currently about 70 people in our Sarratt group which with other such groups we can really  put the pressure on – nicely of course – to clean up the environment!

Hopefully it will not be too long before we can get back to addressing climate issues in Sarrratt.  With a good heart, discussion and cooperation we can reduce the damage we do to the climate here in Sarratt and further afield.  There are ideas under discussion whereby we can limit the number of delivery vans that come into Sarratt every day. This will have to wait until the siege has collapsed  and life gets back to semi normal.

However there is one thing we can all do at this time. Contact your bank, building societies, utilities, clubs, societies, charites, associations, groups, local council and request that they only contact you by email or telephone and stop wasting tons of paper (Therefore  saving trees and damage to the environment converting them to paper and then transporting the paper to us) by sending letters and other  documents by post. I recently renewed the insurance for the two buses owned by the Grey Knights. Not one single piece of paper was used  – policy was renewed 100% electronically. It can be done!!

If you want to be a part of these activities and use your knowledge or experience to make a real difference to the environment, or just  learn about the amazing inventions that people and companies are developing, please let me know.

Alan Milsom