You may well have noticed that the beautiful Willow tree that was by the pond has had to be taken down this week. It is always sad to say goodbye to a tree that for many years has been part of our beloved landscape.

When the tree was checked for good health, an initiative from our Parish Council the Arbor Ecologist Patrick Stileman found the Willow sadly was showing signs of a fungal infection in the crown of the tree. Given the location of the willow, very close to the childrens nursery and Sarratt School it was deemed as high risk so unfortunately had to be felled.

The good news is that thanks to two kind donations, Sarratt will have two new Willow trees planted.

So the old tree is gone but not forgotten.

Photos kindly shared by Joe Brownsell whilst up the tree!! Thanks Joe!
The grass snake, sadly was run over after it tried to cross the road!