Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to all of you for volunteering to help our community over the last week  – we have been overwhelmed by the response, with over 40 of you having made offers of support in just a few days.

However, we realise that in the light of the Government’s announcement last night, many of you will be questioning whether you can still offer your help in order to protect both your own families and those you come into contact with. We therefore face an incredibly difficult balance, both individually and as a community, as to how we can address supporting the most vulnerable in our Parish, whilst making sure we keep our families and those we come into contact with safe, and so try to contain the spread of the virus.

As such Sarratt Parish Council, Sarratt Care, SCCF, and the Village Shop are having to reflect the changes coming very quickly. The Store which can remain open under the latest guidelines, but is now reducing the number of customers to only two at a time.

We are agreed that if you would prefer to reduce your offer of support then that’s absolutely fine, and we completely understand and respect your decision.

For those of you that are still willing to help at the shop and with food deliveries we are incredibly grateful, and will do our utmost to protect you and keep you safe.

Could we therefore please ask you to email Sarah if you need to change your offer of support so we can update our records accordingly :


Many thanks again, we are an amazing community, and TOGETHER WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

SPC, Sarratt Care, SCCF and Sarratt Community Store.