Blind dates for dogs!
What’s with the blind dates before Valentines Day!
So I met Ella on a 2 day trip to the Cotswolds and she takes up my car space, will not leave me alone;  then sleeps on my duvet! I just had to put my paw down and raise  my head above the situation – as you will see from the photo it was a very tight squeeze!
As an alfa male I am pleased Ella sees the attraction in the handsome older male, but I am glad to be back in my own surroundings. Will somebody please tell my owner blind dates for dogs simply do not work.
How about for humans?
Well with the next Pop up Community Cafe  during Valentines week we will see?!
( Mon 11/02  from 2-4 pm ) Sarratt Village Hall.
This could be a good breeding ground for humans so think about who you might invite for a delicious bite of home made cake and a chat. Perhaps a leisurely walk afterwards, if you are with a dog you simply have license to speak to anyone!
If you would rather play hard to get like me or admire from afar, there will be hand made cards on the day to post to your cupids and melt their heart away like the snow!

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