Looking forward to extra walks when our human friends have overeaten and then get into strange New Year regimes that never last!

Reflecting on my canine friends in 2019 there have been some amazing stories where man and beast have united. My best read was shared by Anthony France – Crime Correspondent  Evening Standard 8th November – “Collaring Cyber Crooks”….. Met unleashes its canine gadget inspectors. Police dogs English Springer Spaniels – Bolly and Murphy’s super-sensitive noses can uncover data storage devices during the most meticulous fingertip searches by their human counterparts. During a pilot project Bolly located a paedophile’s laptop – hidden in a secret compartment in a dinner tray wedged down by the side of a bed. The met is now deploying digital media protection dogs in counter terrorism robbery and murder cases to retrieve phones, computers, memory sticks and hard drives.

The message is clear never underestimate the canine sense of smell especially during the festive break – keep chocolates out of reach of these amazing retrievers, who are always one step ahead with a compassion for companionship all year round….enjoy 2020 with canine partners in crime!

Happy New Year !! 

Signing off for 2019 Sabre