All hands to the deck, or should we say all hands to the dig?? 

One thing is for sure, many hands make light work and fun for all! Even if it is raining cats and dogs…

The community garden project has come on leaps and bounds this week. The before and after photos prove it.

Thank you to all the fantastic volunteers who have given their time to make an amazing transformation happen.

Some of us were lucky to be in the garden on Monday when the sun was shining, others of us took the brunt of the worst weather!!

However our spirits were not dampened.

Why volunteer?? …. some of the replies,

“good to make a difference”  –  “very satisfying to be part of a project in the community.”   …  ” Good companionship”

“Great Tea made by Grainger” &  “Flo’s biscuits were good too.”

“Despite being soaked to the skin a good time gardening.”  “Hot bath after!!”

Oh …. not forgetting a lovely lunch all together !! Bonus we didn’t expect!

Watch out for news and information on how to get involved next time…
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