This month we met with the TRDC planning team, who have agreed to produce a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment at their cost and which will be included in our plan.  We intend to meet with them on a regular basis to leverage their previous experience on neighbourhood plans (eg Croxley Green’s).  We are also talking to Batchworth as they are at a similar stage to us in the production of their plan. The  consultancy firm we have chosen  will help us ensure we comply with the legal requirements necessitated in the production of neighbourhood planning documents.

We  now have an outline of  chapter contents for our overall plan: this will form the basis for the  drafting of the sections of the plan moving forward. Our communications strategy is now agreed and will ensure our progress is  effectively reported. The various reporting avenues are:

  • We will aim for a submission in spotlight each month.
  • Our web site ( ) will be updated every two weeks.
  • Progress will be reported at every Parish council meeting.
  • Signs will be displayed on the various public display boards around the village (Bus shelter, public notices boards, shop window etc).
  • We will attend some of the public meetings held in the village (Freshers fair etc).

The key to the success of the plan will be the involvement of residents, Over the next 9 months, parishioners will be given numerous opportunities to participate so that the plan represents a genuine consensus of opinion.
It will not be the Working Group’s Plan.  It will be the Residents’ Plan. Please  look out for the  consultation  exercises we will be running and please get involved.

Our meetings are open to the public and our next meeting is on Monday 27 January 2020 at 1:30pm in the back  room of the village hall.

The Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment aims to ensure that environmental and other sustainability aspects are considered effectively in any policies which are produced for the Neighbourhood plan.

You can also contact us by email at:

Working group members are: John Carter (Chair), Clare Bennett, Tony Bond, Lee Gilmore, Will Hobhouse, Anthony Soothill.