Exciting Proposal for King George V Playing


What’s the proposal?

The proposal is to enhance the play area at the King George V Playing Fields (KGV) with a place which will allow young people to use skateboards, scooters and bikes in a purpose built area that will tie in with the existing facilities.

It is designed for everyone, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability and will fill the gap in provision for the 7-18 age group.

The ethos of the proposal is to celebrate the lives of the young people of Sarratt and provide a focal point.

It could look something like this…



 …and fit seamlessly into the park


Why do we need this?

As we know, Sarratt as a community caters brilliantly for the over 50’s and also for the under 7’s but what it doesn’t do successfully is provide facilities for the 7-18 age group.

As all the national data shows, the need for this age group to be engaged in outdoor activity and socialising with others is a massive advantage to both their physical and mental wellbeing.

What we are all going through during the pandemic could not illustrate this more graphically.

Who is supporting this proposal?

The proposal is being supported by our own local charity the Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation (SCCF), Sarratt Parish Council (SPC) and King George V Playing Fields Committee (KGV).

Who is going to pay for it?

Sarratt Parish Council has an amount it can contribute, the rest will come from private donations, grants and local fundraising.

What happens next?

Every house in Sarratt will be receiving a leaflet with full details of the proposal and how everyone of all ages can express their views in the coming weeks.

We need to gather as much information and as many ideas from as many people as possible. Only then will we know exactly what will work best and make this the most fantastic local facility. When we have that information, we will come back to you with a formal proposal based on the feedback we receive.

Please take a look at the leaflet online here

Also we would love to hear your thoughts online, just click on the words in red here – this fantastic project 


Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation

Sarratt Parish Council

King George V Committee