February usually sees the first signs of spring, Snowdrops beginning to open, some early crocus and daffodils pushing through the soil and perhaps warm days and Sunshine???   So, what to do? …  find the wellies and clear up after the floods and wind.

Very early vegetables can be sown preferably under a cloche, hardy lettuce, peas, broad beans and cabbages for instance.  Also very last chance to finishing off winter pruning and applying basic fertilizers to your plant and seed beds. The masses of rain we have had will have washed some of the goodness out but wait for a promised dryer spell before applying  6 x or Growmoore.

Get ready to plant early potatoes, at least start to sprout them in a light, frost free place.   I tried the “plant under plastic” (heavy reusable sheets) and had a good crop of early ones I will certainly plant more this year.  Nowadays there are some hardy early tomatoes that can be sown.  Certainly indoor ones can be sown now, basic outdoor types early March.  The more you can grow at home the less you have to buy and you know its pesticide free.  Dahlia plants need to be started off soon, try to buy some single flower ones.  The doubles, although they look great are no  use to bees and butterflies. Lots of scabious, poppies, gladioli, and other easy to grow plants will brighten up the days.

Don’t forget frogs and toads will be spawning soon, look out for them finding the pond (quick, build one if you can).   Put up bird boxes and feeding tables, it’s amazing what goes on when you bother to take time out and look.

Whilst the weather remains bad, do not forget to look at Mr Smith’s Gardening programmes on U tube, they are so informative, no nonsense hints and “how to” on all aspects of flower and veg work.

Whilst Covid seems to be ruling our lives, the best way to combat it is to get out as much as possible, and enjoy nature, as it gets through most problems in the end.

Your last post from me Greenish Fingers.

Thank you to John Rickard for all his top tips for our garden projects over the past year, much appreciated!!