SCCF 2019  Freshers’ Fair

The Community gathered together and a lot of talented people were all in one place for a couple of hours on Saturday the 2nd of November. The SCCF Community Café had incredible cake to eat and Prosecco was flowing for the visitors and exhibitors.

The Village Vintage buses were parked at the doors for all to see and explore! It may have been a dark and dull day outside but the sun was shining in the village hall.  A great networking opportunity for all who came along and for those who didn’t know what goes on in the Parish of Sarratt it was a treat to find out! Getting to know our neighbours has a real feel good factor.

Just some of the feedback from Saturday ….

“What a wonderful event you & your Committee organised; a lot of hard work but much appreciated by all who had stalls and who visited.”

“I think we benefited from our change of space – no one could ignore us. “ British Legion

“Thank you for organising the event on Saturday. I have met so many lovely people! Thank you for all your effort and time.” Yovi

“It was a great afternoon –  what a wonderful village we have!”  Sarratt Festival of Music

“Thank you for your hard work in putting on the event. Yes we at the Arts Society did make some valuable new contacts and we may well see them shortly as new members of our charity.”

“Thanks for all the work you put into it to bring it together, everyone worked well together to make it such a success. Thanks and WELL DONE. “ U3A