KGV playground gets better !

After waiting some months for parts to arrive we finally took delivery of the ‘Buffalo Boards’ for the galleon floor. They were cut to size by Cllr John Rugg and then  we started dismantling the top level. Having removed the sides we were able to fit the boards before sealing them in situ and rebuilding. It took 4 hours from start to finish and the new floor looks great.

Sadly we identified the fixings for the cargo net had rotted away so we have had to remove that. We now await new parts for the wooden climbing frame from Wicksteed, they are promised to arrive soon ! We ordered some of the parts in 2019 and they are still not here, I suspect we all know where they are coming from ! As soon as they arrive they will be fitted.

Thank you to John Rugg and Andrew Whitewood, couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks also to Helen Mooney who has been chasing Wicksteed almost on a daily basis. If anyone would like to help on the next phase then please let me know.

Nick Mortimer.

Before and after photos: