Good Day All,

My name is Huxley and I am a Cairn terrier.
I pride myself in getting to know as many people in the village as is possible but if you are new to the “Hux” experience then this is me….
I was named after TH Huxley, the notable scientist in the 1800’s and best mate to the great Charles Darwin. My human Dad is a bit obsessed with Charles Darwin and as TH Huxley was known as “Darwin’s Bulldog” Dad thought that it would be a good idea to name me after him. I’m OK with that.

I get super excited when I see my friends, canine or human it doesn’t matter which, and I shout to make sure they know I have seen them and that I want to play (and maybe get a treat or two). My current favorites are best friend Bailey the Beagle, George and Bunnie with Auntie Rozi, Big Stanley bear and Dave with Jerry Greyhound. I love everyone…life is SOOOOOO good that sometimes I think my tail will fall off as it wags so much…

I have two cousins (human), Aidan and Niamh, whom I adore and there is nothing better than when they come and visit me. They love to throw balls for me to fetch and they give me lots of cuddles and treats.
I get taken on lots of holidays. The beautiful beaches of North Norfolk are great for running around, chasing a ball, having picnics … and treats… We also go to the Lake District every year and there is nothing better than climbing a mountain. Mum and Dad think that it’s hilarious to take a picture of me next to a cairn … I don’t get it, what’s so funny about a Cairn terrier standing next to a cairn (pile of stones)??? Weird. My other favorite pastime is walking in and around Sarratt. There seem to be hundreds of great pubs everywhere. I’m not a big drinker but I do like pubs as they are a super source for treats.
If you see me around then please come and say hello, tickle me behind my ear and if at all possible give me a treat. I love treats, not sure if I’ve mentioned that…
Love and Licks,
See you at the Sarratt Village Day Dog Show . x