Sustainable Sarratt Group meeting.

The second meeting was opened by John Ingleby from TIK  (Transition in Kings) he asked us all to imagine Sarratt in the future. What do we want it to look like?  How could we influence this place for the good?

Imagine renewable systems, Save water, electricity, electric car plug ins, Solar panels on our School? growing our own food collectively and all the while putting the good of our planet and it’s future at the top of the agenda.

The back room was full of people who have a heart for this place and enthusiasm to make some changes. John talked us through some of the really good initiatives that been introduced to Kings Langley and some of the pit falls!

Did you know that if you have a lot of slugs then it means you have a lack of Ducks? A good discussion about Organic gardening and could our Community Store have more organic produce. This is being explored both Tracey and Grainger are looking into ‘Naturally Grown’ produce being grown for the store in it’s own garden. The idea of us all limiting our use of slug pellets and poisons can only be a good thing!
Could we and how do we start to share the excess produce from the vegetable patch with our neighbours?

The sign for Switch off your Engine is being made, so that should cut some Carbon down.
On the delivery van topic and how do we reduce the amount of them coming in and out of the Village.
Suggestions were: Get your deliveries dropped by Royal Mail, it’s the best way and the Postie is in the Village every day anyway.  What If the Community agreed on a couple of ‘favour’ days so if possible we all tick deliveries for Wed/Sat?
Or when you make an order just tick the box where it says ‘our vans are in your area’. Some small changes could make a BIG difference.Whatever new schemes come from these meetings, we all need to get behind them if we can.
Take a look at a link from John : is no denying that the next 10 years are crucial and we have a real opportunity to say how it could be.Anthony Soothill spoke briefly about The Neighbourhood Plan and urged us all to get involved as this really is the time to be imagining how Sarratt could be.
If we are going to have new homes then what would they look like? As a Community we have a voice, the next meeting for N.P is at the end of April. Do look out for notes on the date of the next meeting. It is for all.Our SPC is very supportive of the Sustainable Sarratt thinking and were well represented at the meeting. Sarah Dobson wanted the community to know that our Parish Council are onside with this and want to support sustainability projects where possible.

Mike Lewis presented figures from National Grid that showed that nearly 40% of the country’s electricity is currently being generated by renewable energy.

Andrew presented the questions prepared by Sue Clarke to be asked at the meeting with our new MP Gogan Mohindra in the Village hall on Friday 6 March. Let’s turn up and ask some good questions.

Lots to think about…..
Where to start?
Start by imagining how it could be……..