On the 9th September, we, the Junior Journalists, went to the Pop-up café in the village hall.

We met many new people, including Angela, who is in charge of making sure our extraordinary blogs get put on this website! If it weren’t for Angela’s amazing work, you wouldn’t be reading this now! Thank you Angela!

We asked Angela, whose idea it was to set up the Pop-up café. She said, “It was my idea. Everyone is welcome, any age from children to the elderly.”

We asked why it is important to have a pop-up café. We were told, “Because it is a good place to meet new people.”

While we were there we met Theodora Holland, who is Greek. Theodora told us that she has been in England for 70 years and is very happy here. She got married in 1949, to an English man, and moved to Yorkshire. If it weren’t for the pop-up café, we would not have met Theodora and got to talk to her about her past. The pop-up café, definitely is a great place to meet new people and also to enjoy a lovely cake or cookie (we had two each!)

Heather and Alex were responsible for baking the delicious treats. If you are fabulous at making cakes, why not volunteer to help bake at the pop-up café? We are happy to taste test any of your creations (but remember, Jude is allergic to coconuts!)

From the Junior Journalist

The Pop up Community Cafe is a SCCF led initiative.
(Sarratt and Chipperfield Community Foundation)
Registration number: 1176905