King George V Playing Fields

The Parish Council are Custodian Trustees of the King George V playing fields.


Many of you will ask what is a Custodian Trustee. The simple definition is this:

Sometimes a charity also has a custodian or holding trustees, whose function is to solely hold its property. Custodian or holding trustees usually have no power to make management decisions and must act on the lawful instruction of the managing trustees.

This means that although the Parish Council take an interest in and receive regular reports regarding the running of the fields it doesn’t get involved in the day to day management of the fields, pavilion or play area.

Each year the Managing Trustees commission a ROSPA report on the play area. The latest report can be viewed here.


The KGV Pavilion is used the majority of the time by either Sarratt’s Sports Club and/or it’s regular renters (i.e. Sunrise & Sunset Club & Mum and Toddlers).

If you have an enquiry please call Pippa Alexander on 07850 871169.