The Sarratt litter picker Angels were out in force last week and they were joined by little litter pickers provided by our Sarratt school. Class 3 were full of enthusiasm and energy ready to get started on tidying our Village!

Mr Williams said, “Thank you, so much to everyone who welcomed Year 3 onto the litter pick today. It was an immense amount of fun and your passion rubbed off on all the children. They have been thoroughly enthused to continue with their own litter picks and for our class to join you all again soon. The rest of the day was filled with students telling each other what they had found and how much they had gathered.

Thank you, for working with each pair and supervising their picking. I especially thank you for your enthusiasm with engaging all the children in conversations and taking the time to get to know them. “

They loved it and we will definitely be joining you again soon. This time for a longer session.

Stephen William (Year 3 Class Teacher)

An amazing effort by a great group of volunteers led by Nick Mortimer.