What a load of Rubbish!
Michael Groom.

A clearly exasperated Michael Groom reports:

Back in March 2018, I decided to spend a week litter picking in and around the Parish of Sarratt. Two and a half years later the headline numbers are @10,000 cans/bottles/ and take away cups……………

What a truly disappointing result from one small rural area, picked and recycled by a single individual. Please, let’s all do our bit – because it matters!

This month, I’ve attacked the local problem areas with a vengeance. I have collected piles and piles of rubbish, some of which has been removed by 3 Rivers. The worst area is Old House Lane, near to the Encampment., where I have collected 550 cans/bottles over the last 4 days. I have found a disgusting assortment of hundreds of cans/bottles, mattresses, a complete kitchen and no fewer than 7 fridge/freezers in the nearby woods, to either side of the M25 bridge. This a total disgrace and a health hazard, but much more dangerous is the asbestos I also saw there. This has now been removed.
I’ve reported three separate instances of fly tipping – it’s never-ending!

For the greater good, I also litter picked the Grand Union Canal from Hunton Bridge to the lock keeper’s cottage; and reported to the Canal & River Trust the large skip load of rubbish left by the “boaters” This unbelievable mess included everything from a computer monitor to – literally the (stainless steel) kitchen sink.

The entire area is blighted……………………..

“Large Others” Includes:
Builders Bags
Washing Machine (2)
Karcher cleaner (3)
Large Containers
Fridge/freezer (7)
Wheel trims(70)
Wheel clamps (3)
Buckets (14)
Bike/Car Tyres
Car Radiator
Doors (10)
Caravans (3)
Gas bottles (4)
TV (6)
Lounge chair
Beds (3)
Chair (2)
Central Heating Radiators (5)
Petrol Can

We can all play our part by picking up litter.

Amazing work Michael!!!