Hi …my name is Miss Money Penny …my friends and family call me Pen pen or Penny!

My partner is Jeremy Jack Russell and he is true Sarratt soil . Born and bred in the Village and his family goes back many generations . We have had 3 pups together our sons Ronnie and Reggie have moved out but they haven’t gone too far. The other end of our road actually! Our daughter has stayed at home and her name is Peach Pie (apple of my eye).

My main responsibilities are keeping my Mum smiling and rodent reduction. I absolutely love running down to the Chess and I always have to be in the front of the pack. If I see you out and about I might fly over and bark but I am super friendly really!!

On cold and rainy days I can be found cuddled up by the Aga with Peachy and Jerry. See you around!!

Miss Money Penny x