Ahh,   November,  nothing more to do in the garden, just pull up the chair and read all the gardening books you bought during lockdown but never read.

Far from it, there is still time to plant Tulips, even Daffodils ,clear out the pond, one can go on and on.

With the poor weather already here, keep completing jobs in the few fine weather days that should be around sometime this month.

Cut the lawn just once more, clean and put the lawn mower away for the winter.

November onwards is great for replacing weak plants and planting new bare rooted replacements.  Keep clearing up the summer veg that have finished and put the remains in the compost bin.  The same goes for most annual flowers and if you keep dahlias dig them up, cut off all but the last 2/3 inches of stem and store them in peat or sand, even general potting compost in a frost free setting.  They do not always make it to next spring but you will have free plants next year with a little luck.

Prune out the blackberries and other soft fruit and tie the new growth in with stout string to stop them being broken in winter winds. If the brassicas have made a lot of growth recently, it helps to secure them to short stout stakes, especially Brussel sprouts.

Do not let leaves go to waste, scrape them up and put into a heap somewhere not too exposed, a container such as unused council bins are ideal, or even just leave them with wire fencing over them to keep from escaping!  Old compost bags fine, and put just a layer in the compost bin, not too deep as they will take a year or so to break down, but it is one of the finest soil improvers and potting soils you can have.  And, it is free.  (leave the book reading to January 2021).

Till next time!
Greenish Fingers.