Is there an upside to Covid19?    Yes, one of which is a growing appreciation of the great outdoors.  Also gardening, in all its forms is having a renaissance!

It has been a good growing year so far and there are plants that can still be planted for Christmas and the Spring.  You can just about sow brassica seeds if you are quick for early Greens and the like.

Now is perfect to sow overwintering Broad Beans, Garlic and even onions (sets) plus a new really hardy lettuce, Artic King.  Of course it’s not all veg, there are loads of bulbs coming into the nursery outlets with some that can be potted up for Christmas and winter show.  From Late October, bare rooted plants and shrubs will appreciate an early planting whilst the soil still has some warmth.

Windowsills are tailor made for lots of indoor plants.  Why not have a go at Bonsai plants.  They can be bought but are rather expensive, so nip out and plant up some acorns they make good bonsai plants for free.  There are many D I Y sites on the web, and help in choosing a good plant for your needs.

Whilst the weather remains reasonable, you can tackle the onerous but necessary job of controlling hedges but try to leave a wild area near the base of the hedge, lots of animals live there, frogs and the like, dormice and even if you’re lucky hedgehogs.  Plus of course, many birds will want good cover next spring for nesting.

If you have a camera or a camera on your phone, keep it handy, there will be lots of great sunsets early Winter, spiders webs glistening with dew and frost, (Brrr)  there is never a dull time outdoors.

Bye for now,

Greenish Fingers.

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