I am pleased to announce that the Sustainability director of Thames Water has agreed to attend a public meeting to be held in the village hall on the evening of Friday 25 September at 7.00. Also Phil Williams (Three Rivers Councillor responsible for environmental issues) and our local MP (Gagan Mohindra) will also be attending. I am waiting on the Environmental Agency to confirm they will also attend.

The objective of the meeting is to give Thames Water an opportunity to make their case in public and then to take questions

Please email me your questions as I want to pass them onto Thames Water  – this meeting is not about trying to catch Thames Water out on the night with clever questioning but about establishing the facts and the issues and by giving them notice of the questions we can expect proper and full answers.

Hopefully having our local MP and councillor in attendance  will put more pressure on Thames Water to come up with a solution of this unacceptable situation.

Due to Corona numbers will be limited so please let me know if you want to attend. The kitchen will be closed so please feel free to bring your own refreshments.