Sabre… Best in Show on June 10th  – Speaks / Barks out!

Following on from the amazing Village Day I am now looking to join a canine football team, or I could be a mascot for a human team; perhaps help with training?!  (Blue ball photo Whats App today) Other things to keep me stimulated this summer are food castles, bucket and spade agility and downward dog yoga mat unroll!

The weather has been a tad too hot for me if I am honest with my curly long hair. Loving the cool river Chess with my friends pictured….(from this morning)

Lots of visitors to our woods where it is cool and tranquil, perfect for a picnic, a dogs paradise indeed…


It feels like an ongoing holiday, however some of my canine and human friends will feel isolated in the extreme heat. Please be observant, as I know you will and keep an eye on man and his best friend.

Buddy up with others in the community as and when you can.  Perhaps others can join you for a walk when the sun has gone down, share an ice cream, or a spare car seat on a day trip, or just pick up some extra cold drinks from the Sarratt store and pop in and say hello to a neighbour on their own. There is nothing quite like the community spirit our village is renowned for.

Oh I do like to bark beside the seaside – top tips for beach doggy ready days!

(Courtesy of The DogsTrust  www.dogs

Fresh Water is best at the seaside, as sea water can cause vomiting as can dead fish and too much sand causes blockages.

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, you may need a tent to keep your dog cool on a beach.

Dogs lose heat by panting, so it is essential that your dog is able to open its mouth otherwise they could get heatstroke. If usually on a muzzle, use an open basket type rather than a nylon tube. Wet towels can be used to cool a dog down change regularly, or spray down with water.

Your dog may be a strong swimmer be aware of strong currents in sea water which will quickly exhaust them. Not all dogs are sea dogs, respect Rover’s wishes and never force him to do something he does not want to do.

Poop bags – never out of style, not to be washed up by the tide – find a suitable bin!

Any concerns always speak to your vet / find the nearest one to support you.

Bark over Sabre xxx