Sarratt Care

Caring for the
community of

SARRATT CARE, an entirely voluntary organization, was launched in 1991 to give
a helping hand to the people of Sarratt of all ages, well or infirm.
It has grown from small beginnings to currently having over 110 regular clients helped
in the following ways:


Our Coffee Corner coffee mornings are held from 10.30 a.m. in the Village Hall on
Wednesday mornings every other week throughout the year.
This is a popular meeting place for a chat amongst friends, as well as the opportunity
to meet others living in the parish.
In addition to offering teas and coffees, and perhaps a slice of home-made cake, we
offer the services of a professional chiropodist, masseuse and hair stylist for both men
and women.

All ages are assured of a very warm welcome.

Dates and current month’s contact details for therapist appointments appear monthly
in the village magazine, Spotlight.

Regretfully our coffee mornings are currently still suspended due to
the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, but treatments have restarted.


For those in the parish needing it, we deliver two course lunches from Monday to
If you would like to receive them please ring Clare Bennett on 01923 260594 (office
hours only).


The Club provides a three course lunch in the Village Hall at 12.30 p.m. on the third
Monday of each month, dates confirmed in the village magazine, Spotlight. It is open
to all ages, to anyone who lives in the parish.
We have between 50/60 people attending each month, who enjoy not only the lunch
but also a very social gathering.
There is always room for more to attend, and a warm welcome is guaranteed.
Contact: Carol Chorley on 01923 265096

Regretfully our Community Lunches are currently still suspended due
to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.


For those in the parish who have transport difficulties, we have a team of volunteer
drivers who are available for hospital, doctor and similar appointments.
To arrange for transport: phone 01923 270577 between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon,
Monday to Friday.
However, we like at least two days notice, or longer if possible.


The ‘Hidden’ side of SARRATT CARE is the day-to-day help provided by our volunteers
to anyone who has a genuine need.
They don’t need to be old or infirm, but to have a genuine problem which cannot be
overcome without help.
Generally no problem is too trivial, and we always try to find a volunteer to help.
Contact: Carol Chorley on 01923 265096, or any Committee member (see below).


Whilst we have a band of over 80 volunteers for all of the activities listed above, we are
always looking for others – particularly for duty contacts and drivers.
If you able to spare some time to help us please contact either Carol Chorley (Chairman)
on 01923 265096 or the relating activity contact as above.


Carol Chorley M.B.E. (Chairman) – 01923 265096
Mary Ward (Hon. Treasurer) – 01923 265823
Graham Peiser (Hon. Secretary) – 01923 269136
Clare Bennett – 01923 260594
Jacky Creed – 01923 519975
Ted North – 01923 267736
Jennifer Peiser – 01923 269136
Mick Warner – 01923 264618
Sheila Warner – 01923 264618
Elaine Watson – 01923 261721
Jane Watson – 01923 400404