Sarratt Labyrinth

10th September – 26th September

If you live in Sarratt or are passing through, you may have seen a pattern appear on Sarratt Village Green.

This pattern forms the fifth Sarratt Labyrinth. It will be there at least until the 26th September when we will be celebrating Harvest in Sarratt it will then disappear under the next mowing.

This unusual, triangular Labyrinth has been specially designed for Sarratt.

Labyrinths are traditionally designed as a path to the centre with pilgrims returning along the same path stepping aside to allow others to pass on the way. This year we have picked up on one of the consequences of Covid-19 – the need for social distancing: there is a single path inward and a different path outward, so when you walk the Labyrinth you will not meet others at less than one metre distance on the way! Even the centre has been designed as an open space that will accommodate up to seven people able to stand two metres apart so there is room for stillness,
rest and reflection.

The lack of contact with each other over the last year or so has been painful and traumatic, but we can look forward in hope knowing that our sovereign God accompanies us at every step and on every side.

Given the origins of the design, this year the theme is CHANGE. Walk the narrow
path; bring your thoughts, prayers and meditations or just walk it in thoughtful silence.

We encourage all Sarratt villagers and visitors, children and adults, to take sometime to walk the Labyrinth. You don’t have to practice a faith to do it! For Christians the triangular form reminds us of the Triune God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but each of us comes to a labyrinth in a different way. It can surprise us; a mysterious, joyful experience, whatever our expectation.

A Labyrinth is not a maze. There are no wrong turns.

The Labyrinth has been designed and mown by members of the Church of the Holy
Cross Sarratt.

We invite you all to come, walk!