We will be at the Freshers’ Fair tomorrow, do come and speak to us.

The issues that the Plan will cover have been identified and grouped under Economic, Social, Environmental or Physical.  This has enabled us to move forward on a framework for the Plan.
We have chosen Bell Cornwell as professional advisers to provide guidance and support on the technical aspects of the process.
Support will be received from AECOM, providing local assessments and design code guidance.
The Plan will not include any discussion of specific sites for development.  Rather it will it cover policies on what sort of developments the village would find acceptable.  This is an emotive area and we will need to find the best consensus we can.
The initial consultations with selected organisations and businesses have been reviewed and this analysis will be used to design the next stage of consultation to be rolled out.
The web page on the Sarratt Village site (see below) will be populated with news, reference material and contact details as the process proceeds.

The key to the success of the Plan will be the involvement of residents.  Over the next 9 months, parishioners will be given numerous opportunities to participate, so that the Plan represents a genuine consensus.
It will not be the Working Group’s Plan.  It will be the residents’ Plan.
Please help us make this a meaningful exercise.
We will be sending out regular updates through Spotlight and https://www.sarrattvillage.co.uk/neighbourhood-plan/
You can contact us by email at sarrattneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com
Our meetings are open to the public and our next meeting is on 28 October at 1.30 in the back room of the Village Hall.

Look out for the consultation exercises we will be running and
Please Get Involved.  Thank you
Working Group members
John Carter (Chair), Clare Bennett, Tony Bond,
Lee Gilmour, Will Hobhouse, Anthony Soothill.
Please feel free to approach any of us about any aspect of the Plan.