Public consultations will start in April, the dates are currently being confirmed. Full details of these meetings will be included in Spotlight and on this page.

Other developments:
The AECOM draft report on Design Codes ( guidelines for design) has been reviewed. It has been decided that these will be divided into two categories – those applying to all developments and those that apply only to new large settlements. The consultation process will include getting feedback from residents on the areas covered in the report.
We should be receiving a draft Housing needs report from TRDC in the near future.
The Plan will not include any discussion of specific sites for development. Rather it will cover policies on what sort of developments the village would find acceptable. This is an emotive area and we will need to find the best consensus we can.

The key to success of the plan will be the involvement of residents. Over the next 9 months, parishioners will be given numerous opportunities to participate, so that the Plan represents a genuine consensus.

Our open meetings are held in the back room of the Village Hall, the next one is the 24th February at 1:30 pm.

You can contact us by email: