My name is Jeremy.  I don’t want to boast but I have heard my human say, that I am the most
perfect Jack Russell ever!!  I don’t bark unless it is highly necessary, I am polite to all humans
…er well, except when I was young, sometimes I would have a wee up a human leg instead of a
tree!!!  I am glad to say that those confused days are behind me now.

Born and bred in Sarratt and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I have a few titles actually.
Lorry dog, Jezza, Charleston,Charlie, oh and I am a registered Canine Carer. I like to visit
humans who don’t get out much … it seems that I cheer them up. I love doing my visits as I
usually get a biscuit or two, although I am trying to keep my figure. I always get lots of strokes
and that’s nice. I’ve even been to Watford General.  I wasn’t so keen on going up in the lift.
Usually my human always takes the stairs, she says exercise is good for you, I have to agree.

I love running with my friends and chasing squirrels but I wouldn’t dream of hurting one.
My most favourite place in the world is under the duvet in my humans’ bed where it is nice and
warm. If I can’t sleep there, then I cuddle up by the aga with Pen & Peach, my girls.

If you know of a human who needs a visit from me to cheer them up, then send an email to the
website and my human will pass it on to me.

P.s. I am a very modern dog …. my Best Friend is a Cat!!! A CAT… called Patchouli ! X

Best wishes to you all,
Jeremy xxx