Hi ! We are the dotties who live up the lane.  Some people think we may be insane!

We are happy in our madness, ‘cos we bring so much gladness.

To her that waits on us hand and paw, she doesn’t so much love it when we muddy the floor! Her sofas are our beds and throws are in threds but nobody knows what might be in store.

On the trampoline we bounce – boing,boing,boing,Thru’ the fields we flounce. We hunt on the way, never eat our prey and are totally shattered by the end of the day.

We sleep upside down with our legs in the air, to sleep in a basket just wouldn’t be fair.

We are after all the poshest of spots and deserve all the love …more than jelly tots!!

The dark side of our spots we have to confess… leads us to thieve more than less. We creep around when no-one is looking and help ourselves to all that is cooking! Chicken, Duck or fillet steak, not keen on fish, Cod or Hake. To leave a ham sandwich just wouldn’t be fair, ‘cos when you come back it just  won’t be there.

Chasing the birds…a squirrell or a rabbit is one thing we like but it’s such a bad habit. We hear the words like sit and stay we hear them almost every day but we are the (peaky) Sarratt spotties and we never do obey!!!

We are clever and fun and full of trouble, why have one when you can have double? Double trouble is our second name and we are sure there are spotties exactly the same but we come from the village and only for food do we pilage.

If you want a spottie you had better be sure because we are for life and that is our law!

Every night she gives us hugs and kisses… we love our humans the Mr & Mrs … so with butterfly kisses and a ladybird hug… sleep tight Sarrratt doggies like bugs in a rug.

Sarratt Spotty love,

Stripe & Mr Bojangles… (posh) don’t ever call me Bo’!

See you on June 10th at the Sarratt Dog Show!!