Four villages named by The Telegraph as best places to live for new normal

A life in the country might seem tempting with the doom and gloom, until you’re trying to connect to Zoom calls, get public transport to meet friends or find the right school for your children.The new priorities rely on good public transport links for the occasional meeting, good local pubs and shops, quality schools, and access to super fast broadband.The Villages in Hertfordshire that made the list are :Sarratt,  Aldbury , Little Gaddesden and Potten End.

What the Telegraph said about Sarratt

Closer to Rickmansworth and Chorleywood,  Sarratt is another Chilterns village that makes the list.

There are 30 miles of footpaths to explore as you walk towards the Chess Valley riverbed, which can make you wonder why you ever wanted to live in the city in the first place.

As well as the main stretch around the green, there are still the hamlets surrounding it that are just as appealing to those wanting to escape the city.

It seems the secret is out!
Thank you, to Chris Smith for two fab shots of our much loved Valley.