The tradition of coming to the Crib service on Christmas Eve in Sarratt is always a very special time for families. It is such a delight to be surrounded by excited children waiting for Santa’s sleigh to fly into Sarratt.

The 12th Century Church of Holy Cross can be found  full of Angels, Shepherds, Donkeys, Sheep, Unicorns (sometimes) Kings, oh and also Queens ( we are a very modern community) all waiting for the most wonderful birth in Bethlehem … aka Sarratt!  2019 did not disappoint as we had a great gathering and the excitement nearly lifted the roof off!!

Our baby Jesus for 2019 was Jack and his own personal Angel was Emily ( who was in fact our first female Christ child just a few years before) Jack took to the starring performance with ease and slept through the whole thing!!  No idea how but he did!!  He literally radiated Christ child.

Thank you to all the amazing families who came along and shared the love of Christmas in such a special place.