Read the on line Spotlight here, just click on Spotlight in the header of this page.


Spotlight Parish magazine has dropped onto the doormat for years each month as a given ….  well it used to!!


Created and delivered by kind volunteers, no question, it just arrived. Then along came Covid 19!

Delivering the Spotlight magazine suddenly was not an option any longer. The only way to access and read it now is online here on the Parish website.
For those of us used to the paper version it doesn’t feel the same and certainly takes time to re-adjust to the new normal, whatever that might mean!

However the upside to these changes ….  Spotlight is now full of colour and the Editor can add videos and sound!

The paper version of Spotlight is not an option at this time due to Covid 19 but maybe going forward it can be available to a small minority of people who cannot access the online version,  this is all to be explored.

So many changes have hit us all since March 2020,  let’s hope we as a community can find some good to come out of the most turbulent of times.