Now in full training for the Sarratt Village Day  and Dog Show on Sunday 10th June 2018

Despite a very sore paw, I have borrowed my owner’s sock and have managed to find a cool spot in our local blue bell woods, a sea of violet haze with a distinct smell to enhance our long, warm evenings. Be aware there is glass on some footpaths as I discovered on a lovely walk down towards the Chess. Luckily for me the vet favoured Manuka honey over stiches and 10 days on, I am back on track with training for the dog show.

Pondering on which class to enter Handsome Dude or Best Rescue, there is so much competition out there. Saving up my dog treat money to enter, perhaps a triple entry for £5 and throw in a few tricks on the way for the best tricks category too!

My hero knew a few tricks in his time – Fabulous Finn is this seasons best read for dogs. The tale of the unbreakable bond between a Herts policeman and his police dog, German shepherd – Finn.

For now I will stick to my fast bonio eating ready for the competition and can you believe it my owner has only just given me a belated Christmas present – a squeaky turkey, already without limbs….just so good!

See you at the show just under a month to go!

Signing off…..Sabre