We had hoped, as a community, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE
Day, on 8 May and plans were far-advanced to do this.  However, with
regret, I must advise that the government has decided that, because
of the Coronavirus pandemic, outside, public commemorations of the 75th
Anniversary of D Day, scheduled for the weekend of 8-10 May, are
postponed. It is possible that some kind of digital, online, commemoration
will still take place on the day, however, this is yet to be confirmed. I
will forward these details, as they become known.
The public event is not cancelled though and the thinking, at the moment,
seems to be around making VJ Day, 15 Aug, the centre of end-of-war
commemorations. Other, earlier opportunities also exist eg. the weekend
closest to Armed Forces Day (23 Jun). That date however, is also the end
of the 12-week social isolation period for Extremely Vulnerable persons
and it is unlikely that, having achieved what reduction in contacts we
have over this lockdown, the government would potentially jeopardise this.
Hence, the general feeling is that the weekend of 15 Aug is now the most
likely time.
What we can all get-on with, is thinking about a potential legacy for this
important anniversary; perhaps made more poignant by the tragedy and
travail that we are going through. The Council is exploring the
possibility of a Community Orchard, to mark the occasion; Sarratt School
was also thinking what it could do and I know, within the village, there
is some ambitious thinking around the theme of ‘Sustainable Sarratt’.
Speaking personally now, let us make something new that matches the
sacrifice of those days and which our children and grandchildren can be
proud of and which reflects our current and future concerns. I welcome
your thoughts and ideas.
Please feel to contact me at any time and, as more information becomes
available, I will keep you informed.
With best wishes and please stay safe
Simon Diggins OBE
Sarratt Civil Parish Councillor